CleanAural - Ear cleanser for dogs

CleanAural Dog is an aqueous ear-cleaning solution that will not dry out your dog's ears.


- 100 ml or 250 ml bottle -


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    Properties - CleanAural Dog

    CleanAural Dog is a plant-based, pH-neutral hygienic product for dogs' ears. CleanAural allows for regular care of the ear canal: it softens the cerumen and dirt particles, facilitating cleaning, preventing unpleasant odours and moisturising the ear canal. CleanAural Dog also has a gentle antiseptic action that inhibits bacterial proliferation. 

    CleanAural Dog contains emollient and hydrating cerumenolytic agents (both water-soluble and fat-soluble) and a natural analgesic: L-menthol. CleanAural is also suited for puppies. 


    Active ingredients - CleanAural Dog

    Tromethamine, citric acid, L-menthol, chlorothymol, sodium laurylsulfate. Excipients: isopropanol, propylne glycol, water.


    Indications for use - CleanAural Dog

    • CleanAural eliminates and prevents itchiness and unpleasant odours caused by the accumulation of cerumen and dirt particles.
    • CleanAural Dog cleans dirty ears without modifying the ear's physiological balance.
    • CleanAural can be used in addition to a medical treatment for external otitis in dogs.


    Instructions - CleanAural Dog

    • Place tip of bottle in ear canal.
    • Gently squeeze the bottle to adminster a dose of CleanAural Dog.
    • Massage the base of the ear for a few seconds then let the dog shake its head.
    • Wipe inside the external ear with a clean cotton pad.
    • Repeat with the other ear. If the ear is very dirty, repeat treatmnet a second time. CleanAural Dog can be used as often as necessary.


    Precautions for use - CleanAural Dog

    Do not use if the the tympanic membrane is ruptured. Keep out of reach of children.


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    CleanAural - Ear cleanser for dogs

    CleanAural - Ear cleanser for dogs

    CleanAural Dog is an aqueous ear-cleaning solution that will not dry out your dog's ears.


    - 100 ml or 250 ml bottle -

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