Direct-Vet affiliate and sponsorhip program

Sponsor your friends and earn a reward: 5 % of the value of their first order from our site (delivery costs excluded). 

To sign up for the affiliate / sponsor programme you must already have an account on You can then access the sponsor programme by going to My account > Sponsorhip Program. To check your rewards, go to: My account > My Rewards Accounts (loyalty points, sponsoring...)
You will receive your reward either as a voucher for use on or as cash payment.
You can have your reward converted to vouchers just 7 days after your friend's order has been processed.

Ethical guidelines:

As a sponsor, it is important to follow some important ethical guidelines for the Internet:
  • Do not use SPAM to promote our website
  • Do not put links or banners on websites that promote illegal activities
  • Do not use your link to register yourself
  • More generally, do not do anything reprehensible: we would close your account down and you would no longer have access to the rewards you've earned

There are different ways to sponsor your friends:

  • Use the Facebook, Twitter or Google+ links in your account (My account > Sponsorhip Program)
  • Send the sponsor link to your account with your friends (My account > Sponsorhip Program), or by posting it on the Internet (forums, blogs...)
  • Add an advertising banner to your website with the sponsor link to your account (My account > Sponsorhip Program). The banners can be downloaded below.
  • Send an invitation to your friends using the form on your account (My account > Sponsor programme)

Banners to download:
(To download the banner, right click on the picture and save it to your hard drive).