Tick and flea prevention is essential to your pet's health. Our veterinary team has carefully chosen a range of trusted products, including Frontline, Scalibor, etc. All sent straight to you through Direct-Vet.

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Advantage Dog is an external antiparasitic treatment to treat fleas and biting lice on dogs. Advantage Dog's spot-on pipette is user-friendly and protects your dog for 4 weeks. Simple contact with Advantage Dog will kill the parasites within only one day. - package of 4 pipettes -
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Advantix Dog is an external triple-action ant parasitic treatment that repels and eliminates fleas, ticks, mosquitos and sandflies. Advantix Dog is user-friendly: one pipette, once a month, applied directly on the skin. Warning: Do NOT use on cats. - package of 4 or 6 pipettes -
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Frontline Combo for dogs is a triple acting parasitic treatment that works on fleas, ticks and biting lice. Frontline Combo combines the effectiveness of Frontline Spot-On with s-methoprene, which prevents eggs and larvae from hatching. - Box of 3 or 6 pipettes -
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Frontline Spot-On is a great anti-parasitic product for dogs. It provides 2 months of protection against fleas and 1 month against ticks. Frontline Spot-On comes in handy pipette format, making it easy to apply to your dog's coat. - Box of 4 or 6 pipettes -
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Prac-tic is an effective spot-on flea and tick prevention treatment for dogs. - 3 or 6 pipettes -- 4 sizes: XS, S, M or L -
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Amflee Spot-On is effective tick and flea treatment that comes in pipette format. Easily applied to your dog’s coat, these pipettes fight and prevent fleas and ticks. Amflee Spot-on for dogs is available in different doses and is perfect for adult dogs and puppies from the age of 2 months and weighing 2 kg or more. - Box of 3 or 6 pipettes -
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Thanks to its last generation formula, Pestigon Combo for dogs provides your dog with even better, long-lasting production against fleas, ticks and biting lice.Pestigon Combo for dogs prevents the hatching of flea eggs and larvae, thereby both eliminating parasites and preventing a flea reinfestation. This protection lasts up to 8 weeks. ...
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