Advice from Direct-Vet’s veterinary team

Do you have a question about your pet's health, nutrition or behaviour ? Direct-Vet provides a unique, totally free, advice service:

  • An experienced veterinary teamPet advice and answers form vet

All the answers to your questions are provided by veterinary practitioners, ensuring that the advice you receive is reliable, dependable and specific to your pet.


  • Advice you can depend on

Our team of vets will answer questions on a case-by-case basis, so that you know that the answer only pertains to your pet.


  • Free and exclusive service

This service is provided only to Direct-Vet’s clients. After just one purchase, you become a member and can begin to make use of the service. 


As a Direct-Vet customer, just log in and ask our veterinary team your question. You will receive a personal answer within 48 to 72h.


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Note: The Direct-Vet team will give you professional advice. However, this service can in no way replace a consultation with your veterinarian, who can carry out a complete physical and visual examination of your pet.