The full range of Mikki accessories to take care of your dog's or cat's nails.

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Mikki nail clippers are superior quality nail clippers that allow you to gently cut your dog's or cat's nails without damaging them.  - Small or large -
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Mikki claw clippers are easy to use and are particularly effective for cutting your pet's claws. Designed specifically for cats or small dogs. - Veterinary grade -
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Mikki guillotine-type nail clippers are simple to use and make cutting your pat's nail easy. Guillotine-type nail clippers are recommended for long, thick nails.
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The Helping Hand support harness is useful accessory to help your dog recover from surgery. The Helping Hand support harness is perfect after surgery as it reduces the amount of weight placed on hind legs and the spinal column. - Available in M and XL -
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