Medical Pet Shirt – Protective vest for cats

The Medical Pet Shirt is a protective vest for cats that effectively protects your cat's injuries and bandages, while allowing your cat to move freely.


 - Available in sizes XXXS to S -

- Colour: red -


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    Medical Pet Shirt for cats - Benefits

    The Medical Pet Shirt protects your cat, especially following surgery (i.e. after being spayed) or when your cat is suffering from skin issues (such as hot spots). The Medical Pet Shirt is also less stressful for your cat than wearing a plastic protective cone. With the Medical Pet Shirt, your cat will no longer be able to reach its wounds or bandages, improving the chances of more rapid healing.

    The fabric of the Medical Pet Shirt for cats is porous, thereby letting air circulate around the wound and improving healing. The Medical Pet Shirt also helps maintain your cat's body temperature, which is also extremely important, especially if your cat has been shaved.

    The Medical Pet Shirt has a narrow opening at the neck and a larger opening at the tail end, making it easier to take off and put on. An opening under the tail also allows the cat to easily use its litter while wearing the Medical Pet Shirt.

    The Medical Pet Shirt for cats is comfortable, hygienic and machine-washable at 30° Celsius.


    Medical Pet Shirt - Positioning on your cat

    Start by pulling the vest over your cat's head, then put each leg into the appropriate hole. Then position the vest along the cat's back and pull it towards your cat's hindquarters. This way, you can attach the back of the vest using the snap buttons. Don't forget to feed your cat's tail through the hole.


    When should I use the Medical Pet Shirt?

    • Stress: The Medical Pet Shirt reduces stress and anxiety, particularly after a traumatic event such as surgery.
    • Cold temperatures: If your cat has been shaved for surgery, the Medical Pet Shirt will provide protection against the cold and allow cat dog to maintain its optimum body temperature.
    • Protecting bandages: The Medical Pet Shirt is perfect to protect a wound under a bandage and keep it dry, all while allowing air to circulate around it properly.
    • Skin issues: The Medical Pet Shirt provides protection against skin problems that cause your cat to scratch, such as hot spots or eczema.


    Medical Pet Shirt for cats sizesLength, from neck to base of tailCorresponding breed
    XXXS29 - 37 cmKitten
    XXS33 - 42 cmKitten or young cat
    XS40 - 45 cmAverage-sized cat
    S43 - 51 cmLarge cat



    Direct-Vet recommends

    If your cat suffers from urinary incontinence, we recommend using the blue Medical Pet Shirt for dogs, as it allows you to insert a sanitary napkin.




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            Medical Pet Shirt – Protective vest for cats

            Medical Pet Shirt – Protective vest for cats

            The Medical Pet Shirt is a protective vest for cats that effectively protects your cat's injuries and bandages, while allowing your cat to move freely.


             - Available in sizes XXXS to S -

            - Colour: red -

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