Orozyme is a range of veterinary products for cats and dogs' oral hygiene.

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Orozyme dental strips are an innovative dental hygiene product for dogs. Thanks to a unique enzymatic complex and the specific structure of collagen, Orozyme dental strips help remove dental plaque from your dog's teeth. - Available in small, medium and large -
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Orozyme toothpaste was specially developed for dogs and cats, helping to reduce the formation of dental plaque and fight bad breath. - 70 g tube -
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Orozyme Bucco Fresh is a natural dietary supplement that helps fight the formation of tartar and eliminate bad breath in dogs and cats.- 40 g tub -
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Orozyme Bucco-Fresh Dental Croq is a snack that effectively fights bad breath in cats and dogs. - Small or large bags -
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Orozyme RF2 Aquadyl is a tasty anti-plaque solution that is mixed into your cat's or dog's drinking water to help fight dental plaque and inhibit the development of bad breath. - 250 ml bottle -
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Orozyme RF2 Sticks are chew sticks that prevent the formation of tartar and dental plaque on your dog's teeth and also prevent bad breath. - Box of 28 dental sticks - 
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