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A complete dental care kit for the oral health of your cat or dog. C.E.T toothpaste is based on a patented C.E.T enzyme complex that activates and stimulates oral defense mechanisms. - Dental care kit -
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Virbac's C.E.T enzymatic toothpaste for dogs and cats, formulated using an innovative enzyme blend, combines mechanical and antiseptic action to activate the production of a specific ion in the saliva. This ion inhibits the development of bacteria responsible for tartar in the mouth. - 70 g chicken flavoured tube - Currently unavailable-...
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C.E.T. dog chews are the perfect complement to dental hygiene. Use as a treat, a snack, or on days when you can't brush your dog's teeth. These rawhide chews are enriched with C.E.T. enzymatic complex. - Available in 4 sizes -
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