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Dermacool - Soothing spray


Dermacool Spray for cats and dogs is specifically formulated to rapidly relieve itchiness.


- 50 ml spray bottle -




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Dermacool is a calming, astringent and antiseptic spray. Its refreshing action comes from menthol: it reduces risks of self-harm and itchiness sensations. Dermacool's astringent properties come from hamamelis extract, which dries the lesions and inhibits bacterial proliferation.


Dermacool boasts two major innovative technologies in the field of dermatological care:

  • Spherulites: a new encapsulation system that allows a slow and progressive diffusion of the active ingredients, even a long time after application of the product.
  • Chitosanide: a natural biopolymer that forms a protective film at the surface of the skin and coat. This technology enhances the soothing, astringent and antiseptic properties of the product, and extends its duration of action.


How to use - Dermacool

Dermacool is a hygiene product used locally on irritative conditions in dogs and cats.


Constituents - Dermacool

Menthol, hamamelis and benzalkonium chloride in free or encapsulated forms. Contains PCMX and chitosanide. Dermacool's formula contains no allergens.


Instructions for use - Dermacool

Shake the spray bottle before use. Dermacool for cats and dogs must be sprayed on and around the lesion, 2 to 3 times a day.


Precautions for use - Dermacool

Dermacool is for external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes.


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Dermacool - Soothing spray

Dermacool - Soothing spray

Dermacool Spray for cats and dogs is specifically formulated to rapidly relieve itchiness.


- 50 ml spray bottle -

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